INTERGLEN’s policy to provide a working environment free of hazard in protecting the health and safety of all our employees, our client’s workforce, visitors and properties.
Quality Assurance Policy
To uphold quality workmanship as our policy.
To maintain and apply correct and latest information.
Our mission to achieve the highest level of good workmanship.
To maintain awareness of good quality works among employees.
To maintain zero rejection and zero rework in all project.
Health, Safety & Environment Policy
To guide employees to be aware of health, safety and environment.
Personal protective equipment is to be worn during work at all times.
To acquire the latest developed safety equipment for improvement of safety and healthy environment.
Train employees to identify hazardous situation and immediate remedial actions.
To promote a healthy and hygienic work place with good house-keeping as a way of life.
To follow safety rules and regulations during and after work and beyond.
To rewards safety conscientious employees.
  To preserve a healthy environment.